What's the Sunniest Place in the World?

What’s the Sunniest Place in The World?

Watch a video article or keep reading below. Have you ever wished to move to the sunniest place in the world where never again you’d have to deal with cloudy weather for days or weeks on end? A place where the skies are always blue and the temperatures are always high? Does such a place … Read More

What's the Driest, Sunniest, and Warmest Place in Europe?

What’s the Driest, Sunniest, and Warmest Place in Europe?

Recently a reader reached out to me asking about the sunniest places in Europe that have the warmest winters and the lowest levels of humidity. His reason to look for a dry place that’s still sunny and warm was that he spent several years living in subtropical and tropical climates and has grown tired of … Read More

Sunniest Places in Europe

Sunniest Places in Europe

Tired of cold, cloudy weather? Thinking of moving to a sunny city in Europe with consistent sunshine? Here are top 55 sunniest places in Europe with high temperatures all year round (at least 15 °C/59 °F mean daily maximum during the coldest month) that get no more than 90 annual overcast days. They’re ranked by … Read More